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The Krachi East Municipality was first created as a District Assembly in 2004 by Legislative Instrument (L.I. 1755). The Assembly was inaugurated on the 19th of August, 2004 at Dambai, the District Capital. Subsequently, it was elevated to the status of a Municipality by Legislative Instrument (L.I. 2281) on 14th November, 2017. The Municipality was carved out of the former Krachi District with its administrative capital at Dambai.

Vision & Mission


The Krachi East Municipal Assembly aspires to transform the Municipality into an attractive and peaceful investment destination.


The Krachi East Municipal Assembly exists to ensure the total development of the Municipality through the formulation of good policies for the mobilisation of both human and material resources.


To uphold integrity, diligence, creativity, client-orientedness, discipline, innovativeness, equity, participation, transparency & accountability and timeliness in the discharge of its duties & responsibilities to the general public.

Location & Geography

Location and size

The Municipality is located at Oti Region of Ghana and lies between latitudes 7º 40’N and 8º 15’N and longitudes 0º 6’E and 0º20’E.

It is bounded to the South West by Krachi West District, North West by Krachi Nchumuru District, Biakoye to the South East, Kadjebi District to the East, and Nkwanta South to the North.

It has a total surface area of 2759.4 sq. km with water covering about 15%.

This location places the Municipality at a strategic position – the central point between the Northern and Southern parts of the Eastern corridor of Ghana.

The Municipality can therefore take advantage of its strategic location to invest in gateway programmes to both the Southern and Northern Ghana. Similarly, strategic facilities of national importance aimed at wider coverage for both the southern and northern Ghana can be conveniently located in the Municipality to achieve the desired results. Being strategically located in the transitional zone, the Municipality has the advantage of experiencing mixed climatic conditions that has both positive and adverse implications for the Municipality’s development.

The People & Demographics

Population Size and Distribution

Projected population figures from the 2010 PHC by the Ghana Statistical Service, puts the total population of the Municipality at 137,005 in 2017 with males constituting 49 percent whilst females constitute 51 percent.

The urban/rural analysis shows that the Municipality has an urban population representing 27.7 percent and a rural population of 72.3 percent. This indicates that most people in the Municipality live in the rural areas than in the urban areas.

The population density for the Municipality is currently about 50 persons per square kilometre; these compared with the regional average of 103 persons per square kilometer in the year 2010 indicates that the Municipality is sparsely populated.

However, compared to the rate of food production, the Municipality cannot be said to be under populated and hence steps need to be taken to reduce the rate of growth through the provision of adequate social services and recreation facilities in all the communities in the Municipality.

Local Economy & Resources


Trade & Commerce



Hon. Bernard Aborkugya Mensah (MCE for Krachi East Municipal Assembly)
Hon. Wisdom Gidisu. MP for Krachi East
Hon. Wisdom Gidisu. MP for Krachi East
Presiding Member -Hon. Emmanuel Kofi Ladzi

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