The Green Ghana Day was introduced in 2021, by H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo as part of an aggressive national afforestation/deforestation program to restore the lost forest cover

of Ghana and to mitigate climate change.

Krachi East Municipality in collaboration with Forestry Commission carried out three planting activities in the following communities/institutions. Oti Senior High School, Yabram Community Day SHS, Wankayaw Primary/JHS, Lapaz Primary and JHS, The new Regional Police Administration, the NIB office and among others.

The MCE for the municipality, Hon. Bernard Aborkugya Mensah as seen in the photograph carrying out the tree planting exercise. The MCD, Issahaku Yakubu, The Municipal Health Director, a representative from Forestry Commission, The Chief of Dambai and his entourage, Municipal Assembly Members, The Regional Police Commander, heads of institutions /departments, students from the aforementioned schools and some community members all participated in the exercise.

Speaking to the MCE of the Municipality, as the theme goes, ‘our forest our health’, without trees mankind cannot survive. The institutions within the communities where this tree planting exercise has been carried out must ensure that they are well nurtured for them to grow well, and supply us with oxygen for healthy breathing. The forestry commission must avail these trees for institutions or an individual to plant more of them to help in the development of the country.

The MCD said the municipality has been allocated with 3,000 seedlings as part of the tree planting exercise for some selected institutions and some other areas to plant the trees. The exercise will begin with Yabram Community Day SHS and to other designated institutions planned for this exercise. Our major interest as a municipality is to ensure that these trees been planted must survive. We urge all the heads of institutions to assign people to support in the nurturing of these plants on daily basis so that all these trees planted will survive.

Mr. Kadri, a representative from the Forestry Commission spoke on behalf of the Forestry Commission Director, Mr. Adomako Akwasi Adjei. He said the forest is a great natural resource to any community and it provides a lot of services such as creation of jobs, purification of the air we breathe, the water we drink and so on. In recent years the forest of Ghana was rapidly diminishing due to exploitation and population growth, and putting a lot of strain on our resources. As a result of this, the Ghana government has instituted the Green Ghana Project through the forestry commission to implement it. We must not only plant but also nurture it for it to grow to achieve our purpose.

The chief of Dambai also emphasized on how the tree planting exercise initiated by our president will go a long way to mitigate climate changes, enhance livelihoods for rural communities and beautify our environment. We must also ensure that we nurture these plants very well by watering them regularly.

The Municipal Health Director expressed his profound gratitude for this exercise by congratulating our leaders for such an insight to help the country. The health of the country depends on how healthy our natural resources are. We need these trees in abundance as a source of oxygen for mankind. Our vegetation must not be depleted entirely by cutting down trees, but rather planting of new trees within our neighbourhood, communities, houses and institutions to get the fresh unpolluted oxygen to regenerate our health and prevent diseases.

The tree planting will also go a long way to increase productivity in the country if we continue this exercise. We must prioritize the tree planting activity this year and the forth coming years ahead of us to sustain the project for the growth of our county.

Staff of Yabram Community Day SHS expressed his concerns for the good work done and ensured each student will be assigned to a plant with their respective supervisors/masters from the Agric Department to monitor them, and ensure they nurture them well to grow. As this opportunity has been given to us, we pledge to continue by taking very good care of them for us to get fresh air and a good shade for the school.

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